Tonbridge & Malling Green Party election campaigning

In the last General Election (2017), the Green Party stood a candidate in every constituency in Kent. Locally, in Tonbridge and Malling, our candidate was April Clark and in Chatham and Aylesford, Bernard Hyde. Scroll down to read their full election statements.


Tom Tugendhat - Conservative = 36,218 (63.6%)
Dylan Jones - Labour = 12,710 (22.3%)
Keith Miller - Liberal Democrat = 3,787 (8.2%)
April Clark - Green Party = 2.335 (4.1%)
Colin Bullen - UKIP = 1,857 (3.3%)

Tracey Crouch - Conservative = 25,587 (57%)
Vince Maple - Labour = 15,129 (33.7%)
Nicole Bushill - UKIP = 2,225 (5%)
Thomas Quinton - Liberal Democrat = 1,116 (2.5%)
Bernard Hyde - Green Party = 573 (1.3%)
John Gibson - Christian Peoples Alliance = 260 (0.6%)



April ClarkIn an online ballot of its members, Tonbridge & Malling Green Party chose April Clark as its candidate to fight the General Election on Thursday 8th June.

April joined the Green Party in January 2015 as part of the 'Green Surge'.

She says: "With the Tories sweeping into government and a Brexit referendum based on outright lies (not to mention certain events across the pond!) the rise of the 'alt-right' is marching on. More than ever we as Greens have a responsibility in Tonbridge & Malling to show voters that there is a viable, positive alternative to the divisive rhetoric of the Tories.

"Unfortunately it is currently nigh on impossible for us to win our seat because of the voting system. However we can still make an impact by challenging the status quo - in local media, social media, on the streets, on doorsteps and in hustings - getting the word out that austerity is not inevitable, that the NHS must remain in public ownership and be funded properly, that affordable housing to buy or rent is a right not a privilege and that our environment is a precious resource to be protected not exploited. And we must continue to campaign for proportional representation - so that Tonbridge and Malling can vote for what they believe in, and all our votes can count."

April was born in Australia and moved to the UK 12 years ago (she has dual Australian & British citizenship). She has lived in central Tonbridge since May 2008 and works full time in London in the Financial Services industry, as an HR Director. 

In 2015 April helped establish a new branch of the WI in South Tonbridge, attracting over 150 local women to the launch event. The group continues to thrive, with a diverse range of ages and backgrounds (

Until recently, April was Vice Chair of a national disability charity, Attitude is Everything, which aims to improve access for deaf and disabled fans and artists to live music (

April served a term on the Equality and Diversity Committee of the Green Party of England and Wales, whose remit is to improve diversity and inclusion within the national party itself for women, people of colour, LGBTIQA people, people with disabilities and other under-represented groups.



Bernard Hyde - Chatham and Ayelsford candidateBernard has enjoyed living and working in Medway for nearly seventeen years. He is a grandfather, keen gardener and self-employed chartered architect and town planner specialising in energy efficient buildings, both locally and overseas. The maxim of his architectural practice is ‘work with nature and nature will work for you’.

Bernard says: “The Green Party stands for ‘the common good’. Three simple words that have a real and particular meaning for creating a sustainable future in which people and the environment that support them matter most. I would be honoured to stand for the Green Party in the forthcoming general election for the Chatham and Aylesford Constituency.

“Many plants and animals have died out because their natural habitat has been destroyed. Frequently these habitats have been destroyed by the selfish and unthinking actions of man. Greed and ignorance on our part must not let this happen to us. Unlike other species we are able to determine our future and choose to make intelligent use of our natural resources. 

“The choices we make have to be for everyone and everything, because everyone and everything matter, they are all integral and all have an essential contribution to make to the well-being and future of our planet which is also our one and only habitat. 

“In a democracy, everyone over a certain age can vote and everyone’s vote is counted equally. Therefore, in Government policy making, everyone should count equally and everyone should have equal opportunity to make their unique contribution to society. Policies need to look to a future spanning decades and centuries, not related to short-term gain but a future shared and enjoyed by everyone.

“The physical resources of the world in which we live are finite and we have already used up substantial quantities of them. We inherit the planet from our parents, but we also borrow it from our children. It is our duty to act in an intelligent, mature and compassionate way towards those around us and those who come after us.

“Although our resources are finite, our potential to create innovative solutions to a myriad of problems is infinite. Every single person has a role to play and has potential to contribute to a better future. Educational opportunities must therefore be equal for all, healthcare must be equal for all, housing must be available to all. How else can everyone contribute unless they have reached their potential in mind, body and well-being.

“Our country has a rich tradition of inventiveness and creativity. In the past this has been the product of a minority of educated and privileged people. How much further and faster might we progress to a sustainable future if we harness the efforts, energies skills and gifts of everyone.

“There are already new ideas and developments emerging in every field that could help shape a truly sustainable future for everyone. These need to become our common place, common sense, common knowledge that will be our building blocks to a sustainable future.  

“Chatham has a proud tradition of skill, knowledge and dedication to the greater good. It is now a seat of learning in every respect from toddlers to retired adults with the potential to achieve great things, not just for the Chatham & Aylesford constituency, but for Medway and surrounding areas as a whole, nationally and globally.

“The Green Party has responded to the consultation for the Medway Local Plan with a vision for the future of this area. If elected, I would work to ensure that this vision becomes a reality.”
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