Our Green Party Pledge to Tonbridge and Malling

We are committed to ….

> Persuading our council to begin investing in our community instead of selling its property assets and investing the proceeds in other areas. We want TMBC to follow the best practice used in neighbouring councils to achieve a sustainable budget and avoid imposing extra charges.

> Tackling the causes of dangerously high air pollution in our town centre including making changes to the traffic system and trialling alternatives to the current one which threatens the health of our residents. 

> Asking the council to join the others across Britain currently declaring a Climate Emergency and to take measures to improve its environmental footprint. 

> Protecting the Green Belt around our towns, it isn’t something to be bartered with it should be something we cherish and protect. There are brownfield sites we need to develop before destroying our countryside.

> Building a supply of new housing for all incomes including for 1,200 households waiting to be housed. We want our council to follow the example of other councils - invest in social housing to raise long-term income and cut the housing benefit bill. 

> Opening up our democracy, cutting out unnecessary secrecy and live streaming council meetings so residents can see what is being decided on their behalf. We would make consultations accessible and effective to avoid them being poorly advertised box-ticking exercises.

> Unleashing the huge potential of the creative people in our community by promoting an arts programme in partnership with existing artists and galleries. We would not charge community groups to use the council’s open spaces as is currently being considered.

> Establishing a value for money Tonbridge Town Council to administer the Special Expenses which we have been paying for the past three years.

> Investing in our own town centre to encourage small and independent businesses to set up in Tonbridge and contribute to a vibrant street scene.


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