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Looking ahead to positive change, globally and locally

09 January 2019

From the global to the local there have been environmental successes but challenges remain. Sustainability needs to be at the heart of decision making says Mark Hood.

Time to end the one-party state

19 December 2018

One party dominance of local government is bad for democracy argues Mark Hood and the "cabinet" system just makes things worse. The Green Party would bring in new voices, open up decision making and eliminate the secrecy around "commercial" deals.

Fighting for air

20 November 2018

The draft Local Plan identifies areas for development, which will lead to more traffic, creating even more air pollution. Assessment of many of the proposed sites mentions the fact that they will have a negative impact on the High Street AQMA.

Planning doesn't have to be like this

25 July 2018

Planning should be an open and transparent process, involving all those who make up a community. Unfortunately, this is not the way Tonbridge & Malling's local plan is being developed. The planning system is broken and incapable of delivering the homes we need, says Howard Porter

Is anyone really listening?

02 July 2018

Genuine, transparent consultation is to be welcomed and can change public policy for the better but that's not always what we get, says Richard Byatt

"Women's work" is undervalued

07 March 2018

Tonbridge & Malling Green Party Secretary Fran Long says society undervalues so-called "women's work", especially caring, and looks to a future where these roles are properly appreciated and rewarded.

How green is this government?

10 February 2018

Recent comments by Michael Gove, speeches by Theresa May and the publication of 'A Green Future: Our 25 Year Plan to Improve the Environment' might indicate a greening of the Tory party or have they just bought a very large tin of greenwash?

Can we live without plastic?

07 February 2018

Howard Porter, chair of Tonbridge & Malling Green Party, examines the problem of plastic and argues it should be treated as a precious resource not a throwaway commodity.

Why Tonbridge needs a Town Council

10 January 2018

Tonbridge needs a Town Council to give local people a greater say in decisions that affect our town, says Mark Hood vice-chair of Tonbridge & Malling Green Party

Housing crisis needs fresh thinking

13 December 2017

The housing market has failed - failed to deliver homes that people can afford; in the numbers needed and in places that don’t just put more pressure on green spaces, local infrastructure and services. It’s time houses were seen as places to live, not as ever-appreciating assets, says Richard Byatt

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